Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's Your Attitude Towards Recruiters?

I don't usually do cross connects between my 2 blogs, but this week the topic of my guest blogger on my HR Blog - HR & Management 3.0 has compelled me to do so. Here's your opportunity to walk in the shoes of a recruiter and get an inside peak of their view of you! The writing is heartfelt, humble, and eye opening!

Every Jobseeker Should Be a Recruiter for a Day - A Walk in the Shoes of a Recruiter...

Recruiters are getting a bad rap these days. They don’t get back to candidates. They don’t take enough time to read resumes. They don’t have half a brain to think outside of the box and give every candidate a fighting chance at landing a job. How can a professional so crucial to both the employer and jobseeker be so useless and unfeeling? Continue reading here...

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