Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is It Time To De-Clutter?

Spring has sprung and this season offers the sense of renewal and starting fresh...and commonly with the thought, "I've got to get rid of stuff!" Yes, Spring is the season of de-cluttering.  The following video will give your 3 keys to easier de-cluttering.

Though this video provides 3 simple concepts, de-cluttering really is a much broader and deeper issue.  It spans all areas of our lives, but is most noticed in the tangible realm of "things". It can really impede and undermine our ability to accomplish things and even sabotage our potential.

In my e-book De-cluttering Your Life From The Inside Out I address this broader picture. De-cluttering is really about what goes on on the inside will be reflected on the outside.  Additionally, in order to really de-clutter you need to think in terms of mental and emotional clutter as well.

I'm sure you'll want to pick up this quick and affordable read! It's on Kindle & Nook.  For now enjoy the video. As you view the video, consider this question - Are you managing clutter or is it managing you?

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