Monday, August 11, 2014

Increase Your Communication Effectiveness - Manage Assumptions

#lifeinsight: Sometimes we judge people by the expectations about them we have not expressed...and then blame them for not meeting them.

Express or Confirm ALL Expectations

Summary: Managing expectations is managing performance

One of the most significant contributions in humans relating to one another whether at work or at home is that of assumptions.

We all have them and act with them in mind.  The funny thing about assumptions, they are not always true, yet we act with them as if they are.

Knowing this one fact in human relations can go a long way in reducing conflict. Just knowing this can give you your 1% edge in managing your performance and communicating more effectively.

So how can we address this human dilemma? Well first knowing that we have and function with them is first.

Secondly, know that to reduce the hazard of assumptions we have to consistently communicate expectations and take responsibility for doing so.

First what is an EXPECTATION?...Something you consider, think, or believe will happen.

And here is the POINT, realize we have stated and unstated expectations.

What trips us up?... the unstated assumptions.

You as a team member (manager or not) probably have a direct report that has them…then when it comes time to assess your performance, sometimes those are revealed and you thought to yourself ...”I never knew that” or “You never told me that.”

2 Action Tips:

1. If you have a direct report, make sure YOU take responsibility for becoming FULLY informed of ALL expectations, particularly outside the job description. (This is about taking 100% responsibility for managing your own career and relationship with your boss and company). 

2.  As a manager, make sure you communicate ALL expectations within and outside of the job description…make sure there are no unspoken expectations.  

Coaching tip: As a manager, explore what your unspoken expectations are for your team.  Then ask yourself, are you communicating them?

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